The Second “E” Word

The second “E” word I want to create with the congregation at First Presbyterian Church of New Canaan is Exodus. Moses, Miriam, and Aaron led the people out of Egypt, through the wilderness to the land of promise, and I believe the Spirit is trying to do the same with us.

FPCNC has had a bit of wilderness time, and, as you know, so have I. Two years ago, on my birthday, the love of my life for almost 36 years died in bed beside me. Maybe what the people of FPCNC and I need is a new journey led by the Spirit.

Last year, I moved from Atlanta to Manhattan. Movers took most of our stuff, but my assistant, David, and I drove up with our dogs and our wine collection. Now, there was some beautiful country along the way, but some of the places we stopped were just plain ugly. Fortunately, we didn’t stop mid-journey and turn back based on any of those places along the way. We waited until we got to where we were going and recognized that the destination was worth the trip.

In my time at FPCNC, the Spirit is going to lead us on a journey, an Exodus if you will. I have asked the good people in that community of faith to take the trip, but not to pass judgement on the difficult spots we may have to pass through along the way. Travel is fun but also stressful, so I have asked that they extend traveling mercies to one another, encouraging one another, and responding with kindness and grace. Considering we all are on journeys, perhaps we can do the same for our fellow travelers.


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