About Us

Changing the world is a daily struggle. In part, it is a struggle to keep the world and the dominant culture from changing us. While they do not reflect the faith of the majority of Americans, fundamentalists have succeeded in commandeering the public discourse. The result is that they have become the ones to define orthodoxy and, to a large extent, faith itself.

“Liberating Word” is designed to be daily nourishment to strengthen progressive people of faith. For the world to be transformed into a place of peace and justice, WE must enter the fray. It is tempting to duck our heads and just let things pass. It is easy to become so overwhelmed by life itself that we simply don’t have the energy to challenge what is said and done. However, if we do not, then who will?

Fundamentalists—both Christian and Muslim—are programmed by daily doses of authoritarian, fear-based, religious rhetoric. They can quote scripture and recite the mantras of oppression more quickly than a liberal can formulate the question. In a sound-bite/bumper sticker world of communication, that gives them a distinct advantage. Often we disagree with their interpretation of faith, theology and scripture, but, since we haven’t been programmed, it is more difficult to respond with conviction. “Liberating Word” is deliberately designed to invite you to ponder issues and grapple with questions so, when these subjects arise, you will be able to thoughtfully respond with as much conviction as any fundamentalist.

These are not devotions, but are designed to evoke our devotion to the principles of justice and peace rooted in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures. If you don’t find at least one a week with which you disagree then this project has failed. Its purpose is not to answer your questions but to strengthen your questioning. My hope is not that you will agree, but that you will consider your faith in a whole new way.

A liberating word will be sent to you every day (Monday-Friday) as a support service from Hope for Peace & Justice. Please forward them to your family and friends and encourage them to subscribe. We must be as deliberate and devoted as any fundamentalist.

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President, Hope for Peace & Justice